About Us

About Us

Travel and uncover the exquisite beauty of Sri Lanka with Visit Lanka for we provide you with an indefinable essence to fit the likes of our clients. Visit Lanka began its long walk over 15 years ago and since then the company has been evolving itself to a great extent. We are capable of adding glamour and a distinctive touch of the real Sri Lankan customs and traditions and a lot more from the very beginning to the very end of your trip. Our multilingual staff will provide you with their very best services, giving their attention to every individual client, making your journey memorable and worthwhile.

We at Visit Lanka, offer a vast range of services for our clients. We pride ourselves for our flexibility and creativity in the design of itineraries; for this, we are diligent in selecting the best in everything for you.



To provide a unique and memorable service to the most discerning traveller.



In order to realize this vision our mission is to focus totally on you our traveller and customer to Sri Lanka. We will continually aspire to deliver the holiday experience that you have always dreamed of along with superior service & tailor-made individual attention that is so desired in our industry.