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Vancouver, BC

Water Rafting

Sri Lanka’s boulder stream rivers are the ideal setting for white water rafting. A thrilling way to experience the spectacular environs of this region.In this area inevitably include the adrenalin soaring sport of white water rafting.Rafting has become a very popular and exciting adventure sport.

Vancouver, BC

Rock Climbing

Standing on the summit of a mountain is only part of the total enjoyment and satisfaction that one achieves from mountaineering. Mountaineering is an adventure sport that requires skills and levels of fitness that few other adventure sports can match.Rock Climbing in Sri Lanka.

Vancouver, BC

Cycling and Mountain biking in Sri Lanka

Cycling and Mountain biking in Sri Lanka is an excellent way to enjoy the lovely sceneries of Sri Lanka. though cycling in the plains aren’t tiresome, the Central Highlands could be demanding. However cycling in the Central Highlands is rewarding too in view of the landscape studded with tea plantations running seamlessly over the ranges of hills, terraced rice cultivation and farmlands.

Vancouver, BC

Scuba diving in Hikkaduwa

There is something magical about being under water that can’t be explained but rather has to be experienced. The weightlessness makes it feel as if though you’re flying over the scenery doing spins, standing on your head and going through caves and tunnels, it really does feel like flying! The sound is also unlike anything on land, all the clicks and ticks with the steady pulsing sound of your breathing, at least it’s supposed to be steady, but that isn’t always true