Sri Lanka: A ‘Resplendent Land’

Sir Arthur C. Clarke – a long time resident of Sri Lanka – once said:

“The Island of Sri Lanka is a small universe containing as many variations of culture, scenery and climate as some countries a dozen times her size…”

After the civil war in Sri Lanka ended in May 2010, Sri Lanka’s beautiful secrets are finally open to visitors from all over the world. A new era of tourism has truly begun for this small yet massively abundant island situated in the Indian Ocean.  Sri Lanka, meaning “resplendent land”, stays true to its name – a tiny tropical paradise where you can discover anything from golden sun-kissed beaches, mist-shrouded mountains, awe-inspiring ancient monuments to sprawling wildlife parks and lush rainforests.

With a culture and heritage reaching back over thousands of years, Sri Lanka is full of spellbinding sights. This is a unique and exciting time to visit this island nation, and witness ancient customs and traditions blending with an ever growing modern life. Rated as the top travel destination by the New York Times in 2010, every point on the map can be reached within a few hours, making it an easy task to experience the vast sceneries, landscapes, climate and culture this stunning island affords.

There is no better time to visit Sri Lanka, 2011 has been branded as ‘Visit Sri Lanka year’ as a means to truly take advantage of this opportunity for the tourism industry. In Sri Lanka, a traveler’s dreams can come true as no other country captures as much diversity. We take this opportunity to invite you to ‘Visit Lanka’ and travel through our website to plan the perfect holiday experience.

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